Wednesday Wars Test Study Questions

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Study Questions:

  1. Which Shakespeare character is Mr. Hoodhood most like? (Sam H.)
  2. Name one of the ways Mrs.Baker and Holling's relationship changes in the story.
  3. How does Mrs. Baker help Holling? (Madison E.)
  4. What lesson is Shakespeare and Mrs.Baker trying to teach Holling? (Julie P.)
  5. Why is the camping trip at the end of the story so importaj
  6. What is the message that Mrs. Baker is trying to get across through all of the Shakespear books?
  7. Who's the better father, Mr. Hoodhood or Mr. Kowalski based on how they treat their children? (Luke M)
  8. Why did Holling choose the station he did to send the money too? (Lance N-K)
  9. What is an example of Pathetic ooo
  10. In what way does Holling grow by the end of the book? What does he learn, how does he change? (Lance N-K)
  11. Which Shakespeare character is Holling most like? (Ryan T)
  12. Describe Holling and Heather's relationship. Do they REALLY hate each other? (Ryan T)
  13. When does Holling realize Mrs. Baker doesn't hate him? (Evan D)
  14. Is "the perfect house" really the perfect house? Why or Why not? (Lydia A.)
  15. What was the fight between Holling and Mr.Hoodhood about at Danny's party?
  16. What character is most like Macduff?(Ty S.) This is the same, only reversed, as number 1.
  17. What is an example of foreshadowing in the chapter November?(Ty S.)
  18. Why does Heather leave ?Explain (Kelly J)
  19. What was Heathers dads reaction when she left?Explain(Kelly J)
  20. How does Mrs. Bigio and Mai Thi's relationship change throughout the story? (Kori L.)
  21. Which character (s) can learn the the most from the lessons of Shakespeare? Why? (Kori L.)
  22. Explain why Mrs. Baker is so determined to teach Holling Shakespeare. (Melony S)
  23. Why is the owner of Goldman's Bakery is so impressed that Holling knows Shakespeare. (Melony S)
  24. What is one of the lessons that all of the Shakespeare books have in common? (Kai V.)
  25. What lesson does the quote, "The quality of Mercy is not strained," give? (Mariko D.)
  26. What 2 Shakespeare poems are almost the same? How? (Avery M.)
  27. the rats are named sycorax and caliban. who are they named after and why? why is this important to mrs baker(Ryan R)
28. Explain why Holling goes to help Heather and what this shows about their relationship. (Maria R)You did not provide answer
29. How does the author foreshadow that Lt. Tybalt is going to be found? (Maria R)You did not provide answer
30. What is the theme/message of all the works from Shakespeare that Mrs. Baker chooses for Holling? ( Sierra S)
31. Why does holling not want to be like his father?(Mekenna R)
32. What do Meryl Lee and Holling have in common with Romeo and Juliet? (Scotty B)
33. At what point in the story does Holling finally stand up to his father and rebel against him for the first time, which shows signs of him becoming his own person and not letting his father control his life? (Makayla T)
34. Do you think that by calling The Perfect house "perfect" is an oxymoron? (Makayla T)
34. At what point in the story does Holling first realize he is free to choose his own happy ending?
35. What was the climax of the story? (Megan D.)