Wednesday Wars Test Study Questions

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Study Questions:

  1. Which Shakespeare character does he act as? (Sam H.)
  2. Name one of the ways Mrs.Baker and Holling's relationship changes in the story.
  3. How does Mrs. Baker help Holling? (Madison E.)
  4. What lesson is Shakespeare and Mrs.Baker trying to teach Holling? (Julie P.)
  5. Why is the camping trip at the end of the story so important?
  6. What is the message that Mrs. Baker is trying to get across through all of the Shakespeare books?
  7. Who's the better father, Mr. Hoodhood or Mr. Kowalski based on how they treat their children? (Luke M)
  8. Why did Holling choose the station he did to send the money to? (Lance N-K)
  9. In what way does Holling grow by the end of the book? What does he learn, how does he change? (Lance N-K)
  10. When does Holling finally stand up to his father? (John Doe)
  11. Why does Heather leave? (John Doe)